Have you ever felt like you needed to take part in the twerking craze but just didn't know how to start? Twerking is a type of dancing involving the shaking of the hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, resulting in the buttocks jiggling. So grab the junk in your trunk and follow this ltimate guide to becoming a master twerker. We'll give you the five simple tricks you need to transform your butt from a couch-warming waste to a heart-warming dance-floor sensation.

  • 1

    Find some inspiration, like Kate Upton's Cat Daddy dance.

  • 2

    Start practicing, remembering that repetition is key.

  • 3

    Bunny outfits have scientifically proven to improve twerking by 15%.

  • 4

    Watching yourself twerk in the mirror can help perfect the art of twerking.

  • 5

    Practicing with a friend can help keep you motivated during long twerking sessions.

  • Bonus

    The Ultimate Nicki Minaj Twerking Supercut