The craft beer movement has led many drinkers to find a beer they enjoy so much that they desire to bring some home with them from a brewery, bar or beer shop. The best way to bring draft beer home is using a growler. While most breweries and craft beer bars have growlers to help drinkers take beer home with them, we say 'Why not bring your own growler?'

If you are a fanatic about beer, you might want to pick up your own growler to make sure no one takes your beer home by mistake. You don't want someone's porter when you expect to drink down your IPA, right? There are some companies that take as much pride in growlers as they do beer. Montana's Carlburg Pottery is one of those companies.

Carlburg Pottery offers growlers, face jugs, uber growlers and whiskey jugs and bottles. Out the four styles, the face jugs are the most unique. Carlburg Pottery can also take an image or drawing and personalize a growler just for you. Each growler is handmade and shipped to you from their studio in Montana. Carlburg can also hand paint or sculpt your idea right onto the jug.

Just think: your own personalized growler is definitely a conversation starter. With so much focus on your jug, you might not even have to share your beer.