'The Ultimate Fighter 17' premiered another new episode last night to much hype after showing the flashing lights of an ambulance in the show promo. Huge knockouts are great, but we are still waiting for Chael Sonnen to start cracking wise. Fighter dissension is everywhere, and enemies are being made.

Team Sonnen contemplates why Bubba McDaniel called out Kevin Casey to fight next, when McDaniel knows that Casey is recovering from a significant gash he sustained in his fight to get into the house. Luke Barnatt has the easy answer as to why McDaniel would do that. "'Cause he's a b---h."

Casey confronts McDaniel in a respectful way and assures him that sooner or later they will fight. "It's gonna happen. We gonna get down. Even if we didn't get down in this house, we gonna get down," Casey said.

McDaniel talked some smack about it afterward. "Take you another week, homey. You'll eye will be fine by then."

Meanwhile, as the guys are sitting around the fire, Uriah Hall gets aggravated by Josh Samman. Hall said that Tor was a 'professional cooker'. "You mean chef?" Samman replied. That put Hall in a bad mood. "I think after this fight I'll probably call Josh out," Hall tells some teammates. First though, he has to take care of Adam Cella.

Cella says that what separates him from other guys is that he doesn't have to stick with fighting. "I don't have to do this. I went to school, I went to college. I have a job, I have a job when I get back. My family owns a heating and cooling company. It's a dirty job, but it's good money," Cella said.

Jon Jones takes the time to give his team some advice on ground and pound technique, demonstrating how to throw some vicious elbows from top position. "I know what a human skull feels like with the back of my hand because I've elbowed so many people in the face," Jones said.

Jones says that he thinks a lot of the fighters in the house are intimidated by Uriah Hall. Chael Sonnen has high praise for Hall, saying he's the best athlete with the most talent in the house but that he's his own worst enemy. This ends up being true because Hall asks Sonnen about how to deal with doubt, telling him that it has been a real problem throughout his career. Sonnen reveals that he saw a sports psychologist after realizing he had a mental block about fighting. He says he learned that the doubt will always be there and you have to learn how to compete with it.

Dana White sees Hall as the favorite to win the whole show. "If I had to sit here and pick a guy right now, Uriah Hall. When I watch this guy I say, 'Where the hell has this guy been and why have we never heard of him?"

On to the fight. Both fighters try to take the center of the cage. Hall is the first to land significant strikes, connecting with back to back knees. Hall has the reach advantage and he's finding his range better than Cella. Cella's strikes seem to land just short of their targets.

A push kick sends Cella to the mat, but he quickly gets back up. Jon Jones calls for offense from Cella, but Hall's movement is making that request difficult to achieve. Sonnen asks for more jabs from Hall and he obliges. Then Hall throws a nice body-head kick combo that gets the other fighters excited. Hall is clearly winning the round.

It looks like time will expire in the first round, but with less than ten seconds left, Hall lands the mother of all kicks that knocks Cella out and sends him to the ground. "Are you f---ing kidding me?" Dana White screams. As the excitement dies down a bit, Cella lays on the mat with labored breathing and almost looks like he's convulsing. It's very disturbing. "I'm sorry, Adam," Hall says.

Uriah Hall KOs Adam Cella

Cella is finally able to sit up and Jones tells him what happened. "Spinning hook kick." The doctor asks Cella if he can see and Cella says he can see Uriah. But he's still in another orbit. "I have no idea what happened," Cella says. Cella makes his way to his feet and Hall comes in to embrace him. "What happened, bro?" Cella asks.

"One of the nastiest knockouts I've ever seen," Dana White says. We couldn't agree more. It definitely qualifies as an instant classic.

Jones goes to the hospital with Cella and Sonnen announces the next fight. Kevin Casey from Team Sonnen fights Collin Hart from Team Jones.

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