Sure, the Legion of Dudes likes to party hard, drink scotch, slay babes, and eat rare meat, but they also like to laugh.

This is where 'The Wiseass' comes into play. The Wiseass doesn't need good looks, necessarily  to get by -- just a repertoire of killer jokes.

Plus, every woman love a guy who can make them consistently giggle.

  • Chris Pratt


    Pratt is a very talented comic actor. Despite being best known for his role as the hilariously dimwitted character Andy Dwyer on NBC's hit show Parks & Recreation, he's also landed more serious roles in Oscar nominated and winnings films Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty, respectively, and will also play Star-Lord in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest flick in the ongoing Marvel series. Serious roles aside, Pratt knows how to turn on the funny.

  • Aziz Ansari


    Aziz Ansari has enjoyed success in every comedic endeavor he's touched, which makes his candidacy as The Wiseass pretty darn good. Aziz started in improv and stand-up, but got "discovered" while starring in the video sketch group Human Giant. The comedian then joined NBC's 'Parks & Recreation' (co-starring with fellow Wiseass hopeful, Chris Pratt), which is now in its sixth season. Aside from his hit television show, Ansari also tours the country doing standup, and is putting on his fourth comedy special.

  • Louis C.K.


    Louis C.K. is arguably the best active comedian on tour. While he might never make the transition to film star, Louie consistently churns out some of the most hilarious self-deprecating and observational stand-up routines in comedy history. His two televisions shows, Lucky Louie and Louie, as well as his almost annual comedy specials are beloved by audiences. Plus, it's worthy noting that he wrote the cult favorite, Pootie Tang. Essentially, Louis C.K. might be the ultimate wiseass.

  • Rob Delaney


    While most people use Twitter to inform people about putting their socks on or really good brunch pancakes, Rob Delaney instead used the tool to launch his comedy career. Delaney's off-beat humor--and now 850,000-plus followers--have helped him carve out his place in the comedy world. His knack to take on the likes of Oprah, Kim Kardashian, and Mitt Romney, sometime all at once, makes him a very unique Wiseass option.

  • Marc Maron


    Maron has been in the comedy scene since the late-1980's, but despite being a "comedian's comedian" for several years--which included countless late-night show appearances--he truly didn't find mainstream success until his 2009 podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. Maron has since spun his popular podcast into an IFC series called 'Maron', which features himself as the star.

  • Russell Brand


    Brand is like a rock star meets comedian. Brand is a recovering drug, alcohol, and sex addict--and apparently a recovering Katie Perry addict too. The Brit rose to fame in the states after a significant role in the hit comedy film 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', which led to subsequent roles in a flurry of other comedies and animated flicks. Brand might not party as hard as he once did, but considering his former vices, he can certainly spot one.

  • Hannibal Burress


    Burress is probably the least mainstream comedian on this list, but that should discount him from be The Wise Ass. Burress has written for 'Saturday Night Live' and '30 Rock', but has really made his mark as a stand-up comedian. The comedian isn't shy to touch on subjects ranging from his masturbation routines to his guilt about throwing away pickle juice. Burress is always good for a laugh.

  • John Mulaney 


    Mulaney has been one of the quickest rising comedians on the circuit. After a few years of gaining a following doing stand-up, Mulaney snagged a gig as a writer at 'Saturday Night Live'. The result? The creation of the present-day legendary recurring character, Stefon. Mulaney decided to move-on from SNL in order to pursue a sitcom, but according to sources, NBC passed on it. But hey, even the best comics catch crickets at one point.

  • Chris O’Dowd


    O’Dowd has arguably played two of the most recognizable boyfriend characters in recent film and television history. The first was as the charming cop in 'Bridesmaids', who had to deal with Kristen Wiig's hilariously self-confidence-lacking heroine character. The second is currently as a douchey, well-to-do fellow in 'Girls', who somehow woos Jemima Kirke's misguided and whimsical early-20's character into marrying him. In both roles, O'Dowd absolutely kills it with his subtle British humor. Or should I say, humour.

  • Jim Gaffigan


    Like Louis C.K., Gaffigan has been on the comedy circuit for awhile--and has seen a ton of success in doing so. Gaffigan mostly enjoys poking fun at himself, which is then usually followed by a high-pitched, self-deprecating commentary on his own routine. The comedian also talks a good deal about food. In fact, he has an entire album, entitled 'Beyond the Pale', that reflects on both his and America's horrible food habits. His affable sense of humor appeals to just about anyone, and would certainly make a great Wiseass choice.

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