Released in 1989, 'The Wizard' was one of the first (and only) movies to use video games as the central driving force for its plot. Directed by Todd Holland, and starring Fred Savage, Luke Edwards and Jenny Lewis, the walking advertisement for Nintendo disguised as a road-trip movie wasn't met with much critical or commercial success. Still, it remains a cult classic among the gaming community purely for the cameos from a wide range of Nintendo games.

Now, 25 years after it's silver screen debut, we take a look at the cast to see where they are now.

Luke Edwards, Jimmy "The Wizard" Woods

The Wizard Luke Edwards
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Then: Luke Edwards turned his riveting performance repeatedly saying, "California," over and over again into starring roles in other '90s classics like 'Newsies' and 'Little Big League.' Lord knows how many kids envied Luke back in the day for not only getting to play all those games, but also getting to run his very own Major League Baseball team.

Now: Edwards continues to act, having appeared in the sequels 'Jeepers Creepers 2' and 'Jeepers Creepers 3.' No word if he still has solid game at Super Mario Bros. 3.

Fred Savage, Corey Woods

The Wizard Fred Savage
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Then: With his role as Kevin Arnold on 'Wonder Years,' as well as starring in 'Little Monsters' and 'The Princess Bride,' Fred Savage was already a fairly accomplished actor by the time 'The Wizard' rolled around. Fortunately, 'The Wizard's' disappointing lack of success didn't derail his career.

Now: Fred is still quite busy, showing up with voice-acting roles in shows like 'Family Guy' and 'Generator Rex.' These days however, Savage spends more time behind the camera as a director on shows like '2 Broke Girls' and 'Modern Family.'

Jenny Lewis, Haley

The Wizard Jenny Lewis
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Then: Jenny Lewis spent a lot of time guest-starring on plenty of '90s sitcoms like 'Roseanne,' 'The Golden Girls,' and 'The Twilight Zone.' After 'The Wizard,' she picked up starring roles in short-lived series 'Shannon's Deal' and 'Brooklyn Bridge.'

Now: In 1998, Lewis helped form the band Rilo Kiley, which toured frequently and recorded several albums until breaking up in 2011. Lewis now has a solo career, and continues to play in Jenny and Johnny, a band with her current beau.

Christian Slater, Nick Woods

The Wizard Christian Slater
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Then: When he wasn't 'Gleaming the Cube' or asking the DJ to 'Pump up the Volume,' Christian Slater was finding time to lend his talents to films like 'The Wizard.' Slater built quite a filmography for himself in the '80s and '90s, and movies like 'Heathers' and 'The Legend of Billy Jean' are still widely appreciated even today.

Now: Slater's still been busy acting for the past 25 years, but the roles are far less frequent than they were two decades ago. Most recently you may have seen him in the television series 'Breaking In,' or heard his voice-acting talents on 'Robot Chicken.'

Beau Bridges, Sam Woods

The Wizard Beau Bridges
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Then: Before playing "The Wizard's" dad, Beau Bridges spent 40 years building up an outstanding ledger of work on shows like 'My Three Sons,' and movies like 'The Fabulous Baker Boys.' Son of Lloyd Bridges ('Airplane'), and brother of Jeff Bridges ('Tron: Legacy'), Beau kept busy, wracking up roles year in and year out.

Now: Now in his early '70s, Beau can currently be seen starring in 'The Millers' and appearing on 'Masters of Sex.' No word on whether or not he was ever able to beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We doubt it.

Jackey Vinson, Lucas

The Wizard Jackey Vinson
Universal/NY Police Dept

Then: Jackey spent a lot of time hyping his skills with the Power Glove, only to fall victim to Jimmy's stick skills at Video Armageddon. He didn't act much after 'The Wizard,' though an appearance on 'Law and Order' would prove to be grave foreshadowing.

Now: We don't know what Mr. Vinson is doing these days, but we can certainly tell you what he's not doing: visiting playgrounds. In 2004, he was sentenced to 10 years probation for child molestation, and is now a registered sex offender in the state of New York.

Tobey Maguire, Lucas' friend (uncredited)

The Wizard Tobey Maguire
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Then: In a role Tobey Maguire likely hoped would remain uncredited for all eternity, he can be spotted as one of Lucas' lackeys, sporting one of the best mullets of all time in a brief appearance in 'The Wizard.' He would go on to star in Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' trilogy, as well as art house fare like 'The Ice Storm' and 'Wonderboys.'

 Now: The former Spider-Man most recently appeared in 'The Great Gatsby' alongside longtime friend Leonardo DiCaprio. Maguire may be out of the superhero game, but he's still working hard as an actor, and can be seen next opposite Liev Schreiber in 'Pawn Sacrifice,' a Bobby Fischer biopic.

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