There's a fine (f)art to getting people to clear out of a public space.

The owner of an internet cafe had to get creative when it came time to make sure the last stragglers would leave the building. So, he let one rip. We're guessing he doubled down on the Mexican for lunch because it sure looked like the odor was nearly fatal.

The two people sitting at computers must've feared for their lives because they stopped trolling on Reddit and playing Swords & Potions or whatever it was they were doing and hightailed it outside quicker than if the Wifi had stopped working.

It was a simple technique -- and one we're surprised isn't used more, especially after a night of drinking. After last call at a bar, every bouncer should be required to break wind so powerful you'd think it came from Chicago in an attempt to get all the ninnies nursing their drinks out the door. How could it not work?