The following movie preview has been approved by the Motion Pictures Association of America, Inc with the sole intent of ruining the legacy of 'The Three Stooges.'

The trailer for the Farrelly brother’s Spring 2012 release, 'The Three Stooges,' has hit the internet. The 1:46 of footage will make you hate the Farrelly brothers. Possibly forever.  It will not only tarnish your vision of the original Stooges, it will likely change your feelings about every other Farrelly brothers movie. The worst part is that previews usually have the "funniest" scenes from the movie.

We get it, Hollywood, you have sworn a pact with Satan to reboot and destroy every classic franchise, but with this new Farrelly offering, you’ve officially poked every 'Stooges' fan in the eyes. Repeatedly. We don't even  have the energy to put out hand up to block.