Your furniture, like your clothes, eyeglasses, cellphone, car, and just about everything else, should send a message. To your guests, your furniture should say “I am a discerning, tasteful son of a gun. Be impressed, now!” To your lone self, it should whisper, “Welcome home, your highness. Come on over and rest a bit. Ooh, I’ve got just the place for that hunky, royal body of yours. Mmm, that’s right, baby. Yeah, you the king!”

We’ve found a unique chair that sends several messages -- the Queen of Love chair. It shows you have exquisite taste; that you possess a healthy ego, but don’t take yourself too seriously; and that your choice in furnishings communicates a randy and almost – dare we say – royal sense of adventure. Just ignore its rather feminine name, the “Queen of Love.” Nobody needs to know that but you, unless you want to whip out that fact to impress chicks, who'll dig its design. Need proof? Look at the women sitting in it. (Women not included)

This chair is actually comfortable as well as conversational. "Um, how are you related to Prince William again?"

Other advantages: its lightweight plastic body means it’s easy to move around and keep clean, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The range of color choices means you can match it to your blender, sneakers or even the precious jewels in your crown.

At $895, it’s not cheap, but hey – it’s a THRONE.

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