Hang on, hang on and hang on one second longer. Before you go bonkers and leave comments, write emails and put #2 pencil to paper with your opinions, let us explain why Jamie Lynne Grumet, the breast-feeding mom on the cover of the May 10, 2012 issue of Time Magazine is our 'Crush of the Day.'

Technically, all the moms in the Time cover story about breast-feeding are our 'crushes' today. The reason why is because it takes all kinds in this world. Some women are super modest. It's their choice. Some women are completely out in the open about their lives. It's also their choice. Some women don't mind being photographed on the cover of a national publication with their kid hanging off their teet. It's also their choice.

We spend a ton of time celebrating women on this website who flaunt their body in this way. Why shouldn't we pay some attention to the women like Jamie Lynne Grumet, Dionna Ford, Jessica Cary and Melinda Larson who celebrate their body in other ways?


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