Street performer or street fighter?

That's the question you'll be asking after watching this costumed Spider-Man in New York City's Times Square put a beatdown on a guy who was heckling some other performers.

Because this is the 21st century, the fight was captured on video, so we can all see the character use his Spidey-hands to Spidey-humiliate his opponent.

The man dressed as Spider-Man, identified only as Josh said, "He said a lot of racist s***. He said, ‘You Muslims go back to your country -- you’re gonna blow up Times Square.’ He's been doing this on and off for almost a year."

No one was arrested because of the melee. As for the clown who got knocked around, maybe he ought to try his luck taunting some superheroes from the Marvel universe. That, or perhaps he should just mind his own business.