Kudos to this kid, who already understands the real point of exercising.

It's not to be healthy. It's to attract the ladies.

Yeah, Junior here is intent on getting a ripped body to wow girls. You're never too young to learn that and the n put it into practice because even though women swear they want a guy with a sense of humor, let's be honest: Carrot Top is not the man of their dreams. No offense to you, Mr. Top.

The boy, named Brody, has a keen sense of awareness that is usually reserved for knowing someone has absconded with his Power Rangers coloring book. He openly discusses his competition -- another kid who's bigger than him. So, he's at the gym because, as he so wisely says, "A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do."

Right now Brody's cute, but in a few years when he's jacked like an extra from Jersey Shore and pounding protein powder like cocaine at a 1980s party in the Hollywood Hills, he's going to be annoying. Annoying, but surrounded by women.

Mission accomplished.

Some words of advice for our pint-sized workout fanatic. Don't forget to drink your milk like this chap, who also knew the way to a woman's heart:

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