A salad filled with lettuce, tomatoes and inappropriate sexual innuendo is on the menu.

Fox 2 Detroit took a break from its humdrum, run-of-the-mill morning show on Monday to turn its program into something out of the Porky's blooper reel.

Kelly Schafer, from 7 Green Detroit Salad Company, was appearing on the show to give viewers tips on how to make their salads even tastier as part of National Salad Month (and here you were all this time thinking Game of Thrones is the most exciting thing on TV).

Co-host Jason Carr sauntered onto the set, so Schafer said to him, "Everybody loves a yoga girl, right Jason?"

"That's right," Carr said, setting Schafer up for the inevitable punchline:

Now I know you want me to toss your salad too, don't you?"

Co-host Deena Centofanti didn't allow one second pass to let this tawdry talk go any further, although Schafer slipped in the fact that joke doesn't get old.

Well, bad news: it does. And it did.

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