Being an elevator with strangers is uncomfortable enough. Being in an elevator that breaks down with a stranger who may be clinically insane is a whole other bowl of wax.

In this video, two men are struck in an elevator. The one recording himself is totally calm, while the other, hovering in the background, well, let's just say he's a few NSFW buttons short of reaching the penthouse.

We pity this fella. In a perfect world, you get trapped in an elevator with a trio of Swedish bikini models who are going back up to the studio because they forgot the rest of their clothes. In reality, you get trapped with a guy with Chris Brown anger issues.

Sometimes, life isn't fair. This dynamic duo was stuck for nearly an hour and we don't know if they were ever set free. If the lack of air didn't do them in, we're pretty sure the sane guy wound up offing himself by ramming his head into the unopened door over and over just so he wouldn't have to listen to the other guy scream anymore.

There are actually two other videos of the men in the elevator. Watch them below to complete the trilogy.