This guy talks a good game. Too bad he doesn't play it nearly as well.

This fella has all the makings of a tough dude you don't want to mess with: shirtless, pierced ears, wearing a dark cap and showing off his threatening vocabulary chock full of words that will get your mouth washed out with soap (yeah, you should definitely note the NSFW language).

As it turns out, though, he's about as tough as runny eggs. Proving the old theory that a bully will back down when you confront him, this kid caves in like the cliched house of cards when the object of his ire gets in his face.

Take it easy, young man. There's probably no reason to be so upset and tell people you've "got killers in the streets." And if you do feel the need to say that, you'd better be prepared to back it up and not turn into the equivalent of a toddler getting scolded by his mother for throwing food on the floor.