Vanessa Raia is a 30-year-old model who lives in Las Vegas. Originally from Connecticut, Raia is a lithe, hot brunette who has been in Playboy. She has done other glamor, lingerie, bikini and fashion modeling as well, but Playboy is Playboy (read: she was naked!).

Prior to her modeling career, Vanessa Raia was a military police officer and a professional motorcycle racer. So much for the girls of Playboy just sitting around in lace and satin, eating strawberries and sipping champagne, though that may still happen.

A devoted pet owner, Vanessa has two pit bulls and a cat. That sound you hear is every guy in Las Vegas stampeding pet stores to get a dog and head out in search of a hot chick with two pit bulls.

Height: 5’5” | Weight: 123 lbs. | Bust: 34D | Waist: 26” | Hips: 36"

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Vanessa Raia long
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