This guy can run (or blow) (smoke) rings around you.

The man (warlock? sorcerer?) in this video blows some incredibly impressive smoke rings while tooling around a store vaping.

We're more in awe of this than we've been in awe of anything. And there's a lot that has awed us over the years: The fact that it took 15 years before Zima went off the market in the U.S. Seal somehow marrying Heidi Klum. The lack of reported suicides by men forced by their wives to sit through Dancing With the Stars. All pale in comparison to this real-life Lord of the Smoke Ring.

We think he needs to stay sharp, though, so we hope he can raise his game by going above and beyond what he's doing here. If this guy can blow the Olympics rings, we say Donald Trump ought to name his running mate because a vaping veep just sounds really cool.