Now, let's put this out there right away: this UK lass is kind of out of her mind. However, she's also really entertaining.

If you've never seen MTV UK's 'Geordie Shore,' you're missing out, for sure. Never in our entire lives have we seen a reality TV show quite this intense -- our mouths are agape through most of the episode. This show makes 'Jersey Shore' look like 'Family Ties.'

Before she was cast as the raven-haired, orange-skinned beauty with a short temper, Vicky hailed from Newcastle, England, where she had been fired from several jobs and was on her last warning in a telemarketing call center.

Vicky studied Drama at Liverpool John Moores University. Shocker.

Like we said, her temper and completely unpredictable behavior/opinions/actions make her a very entertaining wildcard to watch -- other people must agree with us, since her Twitter has over 600k followers.

Here's a good example of what we've been trying to tell you. It took us a long time to find one that was suitable for posting: