VioletRose Suicide is a 21-year-old Suicide Girl from Santiago, Chile (a city which is not named after the 1987 National League Rookie of the Year, dude). VioletRose is a makeup artist with pierced nipples and cheeks, making her one of the hole-y-est women you know. (We'll be here all week; try the fish.)

VioletRose is involved in an exclusive relationship, which perhaps makes her more reticent than most Suicide Girls to get into her likes, dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs. It doesn't, however, preclude her from stripping down and showing us some of her gorgeous, inked-up body.

Name: VioletRose Suicide

Age: 21

Location: Chile

Occupation: Makeup Artistry

Body Mods: Nipples and cheeks.

Bands: Do or Die, Sublime, El ultimo que zierre, Bayside and Coheed And Cambria

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