If you think that fat guys can't kick game, then this video will change your mind.

The fellas from Simple Pickup decided to test out the theory that confidence supersedes any lack of physically-attractive qualities. After all, looks shouldn't really matter if someone has a great personality, right? Of course, it never hurts to be good-looking, but Jason from Simple Pickup jumps into a fat suit anyway to test out his luck when it comes to flirting with women.

Jason says, "What most guys don't realize is that the number one way to attract women is confidence; not money, not status and especially not looks." He sets out to prove this in his fat suit by running (or waddling), around a campus and engaging several hotties in conversation, in the hopes that they'll give him their digits.

What we come to find is that the girls don't immediately shoot him down. They actually give him the time of day because he is confident, opens up with some humor in order to lighten the mood and gets the girls to divert all of their attention to him.

After he's done collecting dates and digits, the crew returns to the girls, reveals their little project and asks them about the experience. They asked the following question: "Do you think an overweight guy can go out there and meet women?" A majority of them think that the answer is "yes," as long as the guy is confident and acts like himself. In this experiment, confidence and a great personality help get you the girl.

Watch the video above, then get out there and start flirting, no matter what your size!

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