You didn’t have to see ‘BASEketball' to know mixing sports is a horrible, horrible idea.

That movie is almost 15 years old, so you can forgive one pitcher for Division III Berry College for perhaps being too young to have seen it and not realizing there’s no point in trying to bring a little bit of hockey and football to the national pastime.

In the above video, a runner on third base for Hendrix College tries to score on a wild pitch. Normally, a pitcher covers home plate, but in this instance, the pitcher decided it would be wise to body check the runner before he can cross home plate with the run. Ridiculous? You betcha. Amusing? For sure.

Remember when Alex Rodriguez tried to slap the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s hands in the ’04 playoffs during the Yankees epic collapse versus the Red Sox in the American League Championship Series? Yeah, this is worse.

Both benches emptied after the bizarre play. The run put Hendrix up 7-2, but Berry managed to mount a comeback and win, 9-7.

Of course, there’s no truth to the rumor Berry won because they were playing by new football-inspired rules which allow a team to hit a 7-run home run.

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