YouTube funnyman Ryan Higa resurrects his Dude vs. Wild series. This time, he shows us how to survive in the arctic.

As you can probably tell, he isn't really surviving in the wilds of the arctic like in the film 'The Grey.' In fact, Higa filmed this while on a snowboarding trip to Utah. Because of the wintry terrain, he wanted to film another episode of his old Dude vs. Wild series, which is based on 'Man vs. Wild,' one of his favorite shows.

When he introduces us to the arctic, he's snowboarding his way down a slope. This might seem like boring footage at first, but then you see him spill out a few times in great, comedic fashion. Of course, it really isn't him falling, but footage of some other guy falling down a mountain. Still, it's funny to think that Higa might just be that uncoordinated and unlucky on a board,

The aim of this video is to show us how to survive in the wild. One of the first things Higa does is tell us that we need to make snow shoes in order to navigate the snowy terrain. He takes off his snowboard and whips out two, brand new-looking tennis rackets. He advises us that we shouldn't lace them up with the laces from our shoes, because that would look weird. And looking weird in the wild just won't do.

Follow this and his other hints for surviving in the arctic by checking out the video above.