There are two different kinds of Karaoke, and one is way more awesome than the other.   There's the trendy, cool-people kind, where you go in a private room with your friends and privately embarrass yourselves to your heart's content, belting out Macy Gray tunes.  This is not the kind of karaoke that I'm interested in -- I like chicken wings, jello shooters, Hank Williams and townie karaoke. It's hard to find that above the Mason Dixon Line, though.

When I moved back to NY I was bummed to lose my connection to townie karaoke, and worried I might be doomed to go to one of the trendy places the next time I felt the need to belt out 'Time to Get a Gun.' Nope. I found the New York version of my favorite Richmond, VA karaoke dive in Brooklyn where I recently had my birthday party.

A group of PTA moms were there, too, and this happened:

Lesson learned: Awesome happens everywhere. (Thanks to Michael Seth Novick, who documented while I birthday'd.)