Think your New Year's kiss was memorable? Check out Stuart Edge and his nifty card trick that won him a bunch of New Year's kisses.

His trick involved a deck of playing cards, a brisk New Year's Even in New York City and some lovely ladies willing to participate in his little game. He gave his participants one task: shuffled the deck of cards in any way they wanted. Once they were done shuffling, they could hand the deck over to him and he'd try to memorize all of the cards, as well as their order.

On top of memorizing the cards, he said he would also be able to tell a coherent story using the randomized order of the cards. What you see unfold will probably amaze you more than the girls in the video.

Through the magic of card-counting, he was able to consistently tell the story of a boy and a girl (Edge himself plus the lady), who met on 42nd Street in New York City on New Year's Eve. As one might expect, he wowed the girls enough that they all rewarded him with a New Year's kiss, though not all were willing to give him a smooch on the lips.

As far as card tricks go, this one seems to have one of the better payoffs. Check out the rest of his videos on his YouTube channel.

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