With about two laps to go in the AdvoCare 500, NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon crashed into fellow driver Clint Bowyer. The bump sent Bowyer into the wall and sparked one of the greatest NASCAR fights of all-time -- in the pits!

After both cars were sent to pit row, Gordon appeared ready to call it a day until a member of Clint Bowyer's pit crew got into an altercation with him which sparked a brawl between both sides.
The brawl was broken up within thirty seconds but Bowyer had yet to exit his vehicle and once he left his car, he went looking for Gordon and needed to be restrained by NASCAR officials before he fought with him in his trailer.

For those wondering what else might have sparked the brawl, it was probably a combination of incidents on the track during the race and the irritation from Bowyer's crew after losing ground in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

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