We've all grown accustomed to TV screens in our cars. Now, it's time to go next level.

Yes, this is a truck with TV screens on the back of it, the perfect way to keep the guy behind content while you're stuck in traffic, whatever the reason may be.

Of course, there are some concerns with these screens. Most importantly, the people in the truck can't watch the screens themselves (unless they found a way to wire it to the inside, which, if they did, is AWESOME). Second, you're begging the people behind you to tailgate. Third, can you watch anything? Because if you can toggle between, say, football and porn, this is an innovation that needs to go mainstream, pronto.

This is road travel the way it was meant to be. Now, if someone can just get cracking on a billboard-sized TV screen that you can haul around on the roof of your car we would never mind that commute to work.

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