Flash flooding may have given way to flaccid flooding in the Northeast this week.

A weather map posted on NJ.com earlier this week had the unintended, but hilarious, distinction of resembling a penis.

As you may have suspected, the map has caused many people who've seen it to dig deep and find their inner comedian with a litany of jokes, some of which you can see below. And don't even try to lie and say you're not racking your brain to come up with some clever wordplay. You know you've been thinking about it long and hard (see, even we're doing it).

Chicago's WGN also had some fun with the map. The morning wake-up crew just couldn't turn down the chance to put the "dic" in this ridiculous story, but if you think their jokes are lame, well, that just means you're getting "cocky" (now that's a lame joke).

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