Every year, new groundbreaking automotive designs are introduced to this progressive planet, which serve to challenge both the traditional definitions of driving and masculinity alike. While automakers and their mad science committees work relentlessly to become the first to bare the most radical and important amendments to the automotive industry, many of these concepts never see the light of day. Here are our five favorite concept cars which, for better or worse, would have undoubtedly changed the world forever.

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    Hyundai E4U

    The latest development in the world of weird concept cars is the Hyundai E4U. "Car" is a bit of a stretch; it's essentially a single-person scooter which we have a feeling no insurance agency on the planet would dare take a chance on. That’s because not only does this godforsaken thing look like one of the fish in ‘Finding Nemo,’ but it also appears to be some sort of propulsion death trap put here to destroy hipster degenerates and other trendy, veganoid products of white-bread society.

    If the Hyundai E4U looks like the vehicle you’ve been waiting for all your life, then you might be able to save yourself a few bucks by simply strapping a lawnmower engine to a shopping cart and launching that furious bastage down a city street with no handlebars. At least you wouldn't have to worry about being car jacked, since not even the most desperate man in the throes of poverty would ever be caught driving it...if they could even figure out how to make it go.

    From what we can tell, some of the key elements missing from this suicide machine are a giant eject button and a front license plate that spells out D00ShBag88.

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    Honda Fuya-Jo

    The 1999 Honda Fuya-Jo appears to have been conceptualized under the tent of a traveling gypsy circus, with the cerebral assistance of a few hits of top-notch ecstasy and about seven cosmopolitans made with toilet Sake. Incidentally, while the nightmarish design of the Fuya-Jo was apparently developed to thematically reverberate the nightclub experience, someone negated to inform the engineers that the whole idea of drinking and driving has been frowned upon by civil society since the early 80s.

    Nevertheless, this hideous roadster did have a few ingenious features, including its puke-repellant metal floorboards, and scoliosis proof seating. After all, nothing says automotive comfort more than being looped out of your mind in a new-age Jetson clown car while maintaining perfect posture.

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    Nissan Pivo

    The Nissan Pivo's bizarre design was intended to cater to those drivers that can neither properly park nor drive in reverse without causing an international incident. That’s because the Pivo has a 360-degree rotating cabin on a chassis of four wheels that eliminates the need for driving in reverse, as well as the need for skilled parallel parking. Think: motorized Sit-N-Spin.

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    Jeep Hurricane

    While most of today’s concept cars tend to steer their focus toward 'futuristic chic,' the Jeep Hurricane may just be the one drawing board-vehicle that Daimler-Chrysler should have made good on. The Hurricane was first unleashed in 2005, at the North America International Auto Show and attracted a lot of attention, due to its beastly features.

    Not only did the Hurricane come without doors or a roof, and had just enough seating for two people, this fiendish, off-road, brass-balled spectacle also processed a four-wheel steering system that allowed it to power out of tight spots sideways, like a sidewinder with an 8-cylinder HEMI engine.

    Unfortunately, production of the Hurricane was not approved due to the overwhelming cost of the drivetrain, but there is some speculation that this monster may return in the near future. We'll be on the waiting list.

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    Dodge Tomahawk

    This is the Cadillac of two-wheeled luxury vehicles. One that says "I have enough money to be high class, but I’m insane and prefer to be rocketed down the highway at mind-warping speed." Coincidentally, that's exactly the kind of billionaire we aspire to be some day.

    The 2003 Dodge Tomahawk was without a doubt Chrysler engineering’s middle finger to the automotive industry, as the thought of this hell ride being produced undoubtably caused many sleepless nights among the company’s legal team.

    A total of nine units of this 500hp demon machine were produced between 2003-2006, with initial reports of top speeds reaching 420mph. However, no one was ever able to determine exactly how those speeds were tested, as anything over 200mph would have likely thrown the rider from vehicle and liquefied that poor bastage right there on the test course.

    Strangely, all nine handmade units of these vicious street shuttles were sold through the Neiman Marcus catalog for a price of $555,000. Still, to this day, Chrysler suggests that the Tomahawk is a work of art and was never intended for being driven.

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