There comes a point when it's time to bro up and speak like an adult.

Understand, bro?

It's a word one man says to each other for a wide range of purposes:

  • "What's up, bro?"
  • "Bro, what time are we heading out tonight?"
  • "Let's get plastered, bro."
  • "Hey, bro, do you the name of a good financial adviser who can help me set up a 529 for my son and create a solid retirement portfolio?"

Yeah, one of those doesn't sound right. That's because, at some point, the word "bro" has to disappear from your vocabulary quicker than that backwards cap on your head needs to face forward.

Sure, it may work for frat guys, lunkheads at the gym, or, say, Matthew McConaughey, but chances are you're none of those guys and if you are you'll move past that stage of your life soon.

If you're picking up your daughter from school, sitting down in a job interview or attending a funeral, the word "bro" should be nowhere the tip of your tongue. It shouldn't even be a thought because you're an adult. The question is when should you shed this word from your vocabulary. It's a bro-ticularly tricky subject.

When you're young and not tethered to a job and family, it's fine. It's when life's responsibilities come at you that you ought to think about tossing it. So, tell us when you think "bro" needs to go.