So you might have seen the Office Depot 'Where Did You Get That?' commercial with girl with all of the cool gadgets. Pretty cute, right? But who is she?

It turns out that she's an actress named Rachel Woodward Hansen. She's a good ol' Mormon girl who, according to her blogspot, spent a year out in New York City before moving back to her home state. Why did she move back? Well, it was to get married, meaning she's off the market. But we can't be too mad, because the proposal was actually pretty damn pimp.

Not only does she act, but Rachel also loves to bake. She regularly posts her creations on her blogspot and even offers recipes for those wanting to recreate her stuff. Gotta love a girl who can offer epic grub.

Follow her on Instagram and her blogspot to see more of her adventures in acting and in the wild world of baking.

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