We're sure you've seen that one Old Spice commercial that features a dude's disembodied hair acting like a dog and retrieving a hot girl's phone number at a meeting. She's pretty cute, but who is she?

It's actress/model Veronica Taylor! Wow, she even has a hot name. You might have seen her as Eleanor Francis in 'Mad Men' from 2009-2010 in a few episodes, or maybe even as a girl named Michella in the series, 'Entourage.'

Most recently, she starred as Lydia in a short film called 'Electric Sheep' in 2012 and played Devon Ross in an episodes of 'Charlie's Angels' in 2011. These days, she's running around as a model and getting all kinds of glamorous shots of her taken by different photogs. However you slice it, she's a busy girl and her beautiful face is spreading across the Internet.

Watch her Old Spice commercial in the video above and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and her own personal website.

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