You might have seen the Crest Be Toothpaste "Anything But Boring" commercial, featuring a lovely young woman who's fascinated by the toothpaste. But just who is this smiling hottie?

Here is Jessica Lee Keller. The fact that she has three names makes her all the more attractive to us. You might have recognized her from her roles in films such as 'The Adjustment Bureau,' 'Teen Beach Movie' and 'The Master of Disguise.'

In recent years, she's starred in short films such as 'When Brave Bird Saved' and 'A Conscious Mind.' You might also have seen her in the short-lived, but quite entertaining show, 'The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.' As far as cute brunettes go, she definitely takes the cake and we can't wait to see her future endeavors.

Check out her Instagram, Twitter and IMDB page.

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