A girl and her gadget -- is there anything hotter?

In the Intel Ultrabook Convertible commercial where a bunch of British commuters are waiting for a train, a hot redhead is playing with her Ultrabook Convertible -- a tablet and a laptop in one. She's tapping away and gaining admirers. Personally, we think she's more attractive than her device, but it's the digital age, what do we know?

Also: a young kid uses the word "crikey," which is the best word ever. In our opinion, it is the third best thing about this commercial. The redhead is tops. The Ultrabook is second, and then crikey.

So, the hot chick - who is she?

She is Zoe Richards, an English actress based in London. She has appeared in 'Get Him to the Greek,' that unfunny movie where Russell Brand played a rock star. It was a bit part, don't judge.

She's also been blonde, as you can see on her Facebook page. We'll take one in every color, please.