Xeroxes and photocopies aren't exactly riveting topics of discussion, but when a hot brunette is espousing their virtues, we can pretty easily be persuaded to become interested in the art of the reproduction.

Who is this business-minded babe that we'd like to replicate? Could you imagine two of her? How about three?

Her name is Catherine Kresge. Her resume includes parts on '90210,' where she played a doctor, and the movie 'A Good Day to Die Hard.' Other shows that have been graced with her sexy presence include 'House' and 'All My Children,' and 'CSI: Miami.'

She grew up an Army brat and wanted to be an astronaut, but was bitten by the acting bug, and abandoned science.

What else? Kresge been in 30 commercials. She likes to rock climb and salsa dance, which means she must to be in terrific shape.

Her official site is here; no time like the present to get better acquainted.


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