Now, we don't want to make a big stink or anything, but we have some news that you definitely shouldn't turn your noses at.

Yes, we now know why we like the smell of our own farts.

As it turns out, the answer has been right under our pleased noses. This video from AsapSCIENCE is from 2014, but has only recently begun making some noise (meaning it's hardly silent but deadly).

Since blind smell tests (yes, they exist) prove we like our own odors more than others, it's hardly surprising that we like letting gas rip from our butt and seem to be as pleased by the odor as we are by watching the faces of people who are not.

One of the key things to remember is that when we fart we're aware of what we're doing, as opposed to other people who are merrily going about their business only to notice a stench in the air that can make skunk spray seem like a fresh-baked pizza by comparison. In other words, we don't like the surprise of a fart seemingly coming out of nowhere and the reality of it makes the smell even worse in our minds.

So, go ahead. Chow down on that big bean burrito you've been thinking about all day. The taste may be good, but it'll be nothing compared to how good it smells about an hour later.