You may have heard that Tim Tebow wormed his way onto Wichita State’s team bus after the Shockers arrived back in town, following their two wins in the NCAA Tournament last weekend.

The Shockers are headed for the Sweet 16, so obviously they’re doing something right, but that didn’t stop the controversial QB from speaking up to offer a few pearls of wisdom.

Tebow, who’s about a lifetime removed from his Heisman run at Florida, doesn’t even start for the New York Jets, and is often ridiculed for his lack of football ability. So, you have to wonder what players were thinking when he tried to pump them up.

Well, wonder no more. Here are some things the Wichita State players were mumbling under their breath while Tebow rooted them on:

1. Isn’t this guy in my poli sci class?

2. Hey, why is the sixth-string quarterback from the Jets talking to us?

3. How is a guy who can’t even get playing time on a losing team going to inspire me?

4. This is the most well-dressed bus driver I’ve ever seen.

5. Man, it would’ve been so much better if Amanda Marcum was in town to give us a pep talk.

6. He better not ask for a donation when he’s done preaching.

7. That looks and sounds like Tim Tebow, but I’m not sure because I don’t see the ESPN camera crew that’s been surgically attached to him.

8. Tim Tebow? This guy would give a pep talk to Louie Anderson on 'Splash' if he could find the diving center.

9. I get the feeling this sucking-up speech is a warm-up for when Tim “accidentally” runs into Prince Harry in New York.

10. Unless a goat starts chirping in, I don’t want to hear anymore.

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