Exercise is a broad term that encompasses many activities. A woman in Casper, Wyoming decided her favorite way to exercise was to dance around her driveway to Katy Perry while wearing just her bra and jeans.

The brunette showed a real commitment to getting into better shape, as her dance went on and on. At times she used the open doors of her SUV like a stripper would a pole. Her neighbor eventually recorded the show so we could all appreciate her routine. (NSFW language and disturbing images of human motion.)

At about the four minute mark the cops show up. After another four minutes of negotiations with the three officers, she is able to impress upon them that her "exercise" was not violating any laws. She also makes the point that if she were more svelte the legality of her gyrations probably wouldn't be in question.

The guy who did the recording reports that her discussion with the cops ended with everybody hugging it out.

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