The phrase "shoot the lights out" comes to mind while watching this hoopster.

In a video simply called "Ballin Gramma" that popped up on Reddit, a woman gets into a groove while playing arcade basketball. Her first few shots are nothing memorable, but then she settles into a Stephen Curry-esque rhythm that is as impressive as anything you can do at an arcade.

By our count, she drains 22 shots in a row, which is just plain ridiculous. You get the sense that when "Ballin Gramma" takes her grandkids to Chuck E. Cheese's, a crowd forms around her while she puts on a shooting clinic and her little ones are left to pout because grandma is using all the tokens for herself.

All we know is if she ever goes to a carnival or a state fair, she may be the only person capable of finding a way to get the ball into this insanely undersized hoops, enabling her to win those grandchildren of hers a big teddy bear, thereby winning their love back after that whole Chuck E. Cheese's fiasco.

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