Are you really pounding beers if you can polish off the drink before you finish saying the word "pounding?"

That's a philosophical question to keep in the back of your mind while we watch this woman drink a beer so fast it'll make your eyes spin more than the room does after downing five beers like this without stopping to take a breath.

First, let's talk technique. Wrapping the lips around the mug is clutch and saves you all that wasted time letting the beer hit your lips, giving you a moment to enjoy the refreshing barley and hops. No one wants that, right?

Second, let's talk composure. She doesn't jump up and down or make a scene. No, she acts like she's been here before, a true professional in the beer swigging arts.

Third, let's talk gender. This is a woman, you guys! She has offered up more proof that women can not only do what men can, but they can do it better. And you know what? We can all drink to that.

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