Note: See update at bottom of post.

This is just so romantic.

Men of the world, meet Natalie. Natalie is a French woman who got pregnant when she enjoyed a hot night of passion with a stranger while on vacation in the Australian suburb of Mooloolaba.

Unfortunately for her, she lost her phone, which had the man's number in it. That wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact she later found out she was pregnant.

So, what's a knocked up girl to do? Why, make a video explaining what happened in the hopes the father will come forward in a brain storm that sounds like a spinoff of Jane the Virgin or a scrapped episode of How I Met Your Mother. It's kind of a natural evolution in the Craigslist "missed connections" page, a true love story for the internet age.

Now, you may be somewhat skeptical this is real. After all, who in their right mind would make a video asking, “Are you my baby daddy?” for everyone on the planet to see? Natalie would, that's who, and she has come out swinging against the doubters who say she isn't on the level. (Well, she did come out swinging. Her Facebook post has since been deleted.)

Here's hoping she meets her Prince Charming, who'd best have a job because he's got a lot of diapers to pay for.

UPDATE: As many had thought, it was all fake. (And if you want a trip into the internet's unfiltered id, check the comments beneath the video on YouTube. Yikes.)

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