When you live in an apartment you may hear the people above you. It just comes with the territory.

This woman in Florida will have none of that, though. She has had enough of hearing the man upstairs from her stomping around. She even claims he's so loud that she knows when he goes to the bathroom.

She has reached her breaking point, so she stops by his place to have it out in an ugly confrontation that initially made waves on Reddit.

They say you can catch more bees with honey. That's totally lost on this woman, though, who drops more than just a little foul language, homosexual accusations and some racist comments, including one where she proclaims, "You made us racist."

All the while, the man she's arguing with remains cool and collected, which makes her look even worse.

Quarrels among neighbors are nothing new, but her raging behavior isn't going to help her case. Give credit to the woman's son, who does his best to calmly diffuse the situation, even as his mother goes way, way off the deep end.

Our advice? This guy ought to lay down a few rugs and avoid Indian food while the woman should look into Ritalin.