If you thought ten frames of nothing but gutter balls is the worst thing that can happen when you go bowling, boy, are you wrong.

Need proof? Watch this lunkhead, who somehow manages to toss his ball into the ceiling, causing several of the tiles to come crashing down.

This is exactly why the words "airborne" and "bowling" should never go together. On a positive note, this guy actually made bowling watchable, which is extremely hard, since it's nearly impossible to become captivated by a ball rolling down a greased-up plank of wood unless you'e nursing a beer while playing for your Tuesday night league championship.

We can only assume this fella won't be welcomed back into this alley, which means he's going to have to find some other hokey pastime to keep himself busy. We're already laughing at the thought of what he might do to the windmill on the mini golf course or whose eye he's going to knock out with a puck while swinging violently during an intense game of air hockey.

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