The world's oldest marathon runner, a 101-year-old Sikh farmer, retired from competitive racing after completing his last race to the finish line on Sat., Feb 23, 2013, in Hong Kong.

Fauja Singh finished the 10K run at the Hong Kong Marathon in one hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds - not bad for anyone, let alone a centenarian.

"I felt so fresh and so good. I felt I'm full of power today," said Singh after crossing the finish line where he was mobbed by his many supporters and the awaiting press.

Mr. Singh, nicknamed the "Turbaned Tornado" due to his trademark Sikh turban, became a darling of the media when he started his running career in 2000. After the tragic deaths of his wife and son, he moved from his native-born India to London to live with another one of his remaining five children. There he started running as a way to fight his depression.

At the age of 89, Singh ran the London Marathon, his first, and went onto greater stardom with each new competition. He went on to race on 5 continents, became a torchbearer at last year's London Olympics, and even appeared in a TV commercial with David Beckham and Muhammad Ali.

The great-great-grandfather said that despite his retirement from competitive events, he will not stop running for personal fitness - his routine of running 16 kilometers a day will continue.

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