Anyone who has watched wrestling over the years knows all about the managers that stand in the corner of their favorite wrestlers. From the late great Miss Elizabeth to the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, but what about a wrestler's faithful sidekick? You know, the people that are really just there for moral support or to entertain the crowd with their ridiculous antics. Some sidekicks were real people while more than a few were animals, socks and even figments of a wrestler's imagination. Today, we pay tribute to the top ten wrestling sidekicks of all time.

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    Little Jimmy


    Who would have thought when R-Truth started the whole “Little Jimmy” gimmick that it would turn into quite possibly one of the most recognizable (invisible or not, R-Truth says he isn’t) sidekicks in the history of professional wrestling. Little Jimmy started out as an antagonist against Truth making him angry and frustrated at every turn, but eventually he realized that Jimmy was right all along and they have been inseparable ever since, for better or for worse. Now that’s what’s up!

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    Long before Damien Sandow mumbled the words, “You’re welcome” Perry Saturn made it famous roughly a decade ago after suffering a storyline concussion. This concussion led Saturn into falling in love with a mop, introduced to wrestling fans as Moppy. Perry fell in love with the mop leading to his eventual face turn. Even the lovely Terri Runnels couldn’t come between Saturn and Moppy as he chose the mop over her leading to the on-screen couple’s break up. This led to Moppy’s untimely demise as Terri fell into the arms of Raven who fed poor Moppy to a wood chipper.

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    Ricardo Rodriguez


    Ricardo Rodriguez has truly been the jack of all trades when it comes to a side kick. For that reason alone, Alberto Del Rio’s career has been better than most could have ever imagined it being. Whether it’s being his personal ring announcer or parking his car. Ricardo does everything Alberto asks of him to do, even interfere in matches and take the brunt of the punishment that Del Rio should have been the one taking.

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    During the golden era of wrestling in the 1980s, gimmicks were everything. It was a lot more than just being a great wrestler. Ask Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid who were known as the tag team, the British Bulldogs. During that era, the idea was to actually pair them with up with a real life Bulldog that went by the name Matilda. Matilda was even in the spotlight of their heated feud with the Islanders as she was “dognapped” during that storyline.

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    Who would’ve thought that someone who debuted with the nickname of “The Little Bastard” would end up becoming one of the most beloved WWE sidekicks of all time? Hornswoggle has certainly had his fair share of adventures throughout his time in the WWE. Horny served as the sidekick to many superstars and talents over the years, from Finlay to the always entertaining D-Generation X. Some fans would even argue that he was single handedly responsible for the face turn of Finlay. Even Mr. McMahon himself found him paired up with Hornswoggle for a fair amount of time as it was revealed that he was Vince’s illegitimate son.

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    What does everybody want? What does everybody need? Who could forget Al Snow’s mannequin head sidekick, simply known as head. Al Snow’s career wasn’t going anywhere. After several failed gimmicks in WWE under such names as Leif Cassidy and Avatar, Snow found solace in the land of Extreme under the watchful eye of Paul Heyman. It was in ECW that Head was born and the wrestling world hasn’t quite been the same ever since.

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    Sometimes sidekicks don’t really do a whole lot, but leave a lasting impression on a generation of fans. In the late 90’s “The Master of Crowd Control” Ralphus was hired to be Chris Jericho’s sidekick wearing a white dirty shirt that was way too small for him that read “Jericho Personal Security." Originally a member of the WCW ring crew, Jericho came up with the idea to make Ralphus his sidekick and as he explained in his book “The Lion’s Tale” went better and became bigger than anyone could’ve possibly imagined.

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    While Uncle Eddie was always about lying, cheating, and stealing, Chavo never really did much to follow in his footsteps. Being forced to do so led Chavo to lose his mind and find his friend, and horse, Pepe. Unfortunately for Chavo, during a feud with “Screaming” Norman Smiley, Pepe was met with a similar fate as another sidekick on this countdown. Much like Moppy, Pepe met his end in a wood chipper.

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    There are some wrestlers in the history of this business that can thank their side kick for the longevity of their career. WWE Hall of Famer, “The Bird Man” Koko B Ware is a prime example. When Koko joined the WWE in 1986 he was repackaged in “The Bird Man” gimmick and paired with the parrot known as Frankie. Frankie instantly made Koko a fan favorite among young kids all over the world.

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    The master of the DDT, Jake “The Snake” Roberts hands down had the most iconic side kick of all time in his 12-foot Burmese python known as Damien. Damien surely left a lasting impression in the 1980s, especially around the necks of many fallen opponents. Used as an intimidation factor to even colossal of Andre the Giant, Damien was a psychological tool that Jake used to get inside the heads of his opponents and it paid dividends throughout the man’s career.

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