When the redneck Olympics come to pass, this may very well be the marquis event.

It's the most enlightened use of a couch since teens realized they could camp out on them while playing Pong.

These fellas go next level, though, when they get splashed by mud in ways usually reserved for people at EDM festivals where no one has showered since they defied their parents and got dreadlocks. This is bound to strike a chord because we can't get enough of people de-classing it up. It's why we keep watching Maury and laugh at people who admit they listen to Nickelback.

There isn't even a word for what these visionaries hillbillies guys with too much time are doing. The video (which has some NSFW language toward the end) says it's wakeboarding without water, which is kind of true in a "Natty Light is a beer" kind of way.

We'll go ahead and call this couchboarding because anything with the word "boarding" in it sounds extreme: Mac-boarding, phone-boarding, tricycle-boarding. You'd watch all of them, right? Don't deny it.