WWE’s Big Show Was A Wichita State Shocker
Wichita State upset No. 1 seed Gonzaga, 76-70, in the 2013 NCAA tournament's West Regional late Saturday night. Among the people whose brackets probably weren't shocked by the outcome: WWE wrestler The Big Show or, as Wichita State fans know him, Paul Wight...
5 Reasons Kofi Kingston Must Turn Heel
The backstage rumblings of the WWE are pointing to a possible Kofi Kingston heel turn. If you've brushed up on your Kofi history, you'd know that this is a huge stretch for his character.
It doesn't matter if you've seen Kofi debut in 2007, or if you just caught him at a house sho…
Jenn Sterger in Training to Be WWE Diva?
Jenn Sterger, who you may recall from an obscure college football game in 2005, but you probably remember due to her being the wide receiver to Brett Favre's quarterback in his penis picture sex scandal from a few years ago, is training to become a WWE Diva.
NHL Team Gives WWE-Style Belt to Player of the Game
Plagued by frequently poor attendance and based in a climate more conducive to golf visors than toques, the Phoenix Coyotes need to do whatever they can to create energy around their organization. They've started giving out a WWE-style belt to their player of the game after victories.
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to Wrestle in WWE?
The always vocal, but not always while sober, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts paid a visit to the Busted Open radio show and spoke candidly about his time in the WWE, his troubled past, his new sober existence and the fact he hasn't been included in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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