Hollywood is a strange, strange place. While most of the time you’re rewarded for the glitz and glamor, sometimes packing on the pounds and the ugly can earn you an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, or even all three (We’re looking at you Charlize Theron.)

Here are some of the hottest woman in Hollywood who have found themselves in some not so attractive situations.

Charlize Theron  [Monster]


Charlize Theron admits that when it’s time to get into character, she becomes obsessed. When Charlize prepared to play serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster, the blonde bombshell put on over 30 pounds, and from what it looks like - used her own hair grease as a styling tool for her sweet femme mullet. However, her commitment earned the stunning actress more than a few nods – 13 awards total for the film.

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