You think it's difficult to read an NFL defense? Try doing it with a hangover.

Here are 10 NFL quarterbacks who were as good, or better, in bars, clubs and other social places as they were on the football field.

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    Joe Namath

    Joe Namath won a Super Bowl during his Hall of Fame career with the Jets, but his nickname "Broadway Joe" tells the true story of the NFL's modern-day playboy quarterback. Namath never seemed to lack for female companionship during his playing days. And long after he retired, his on-air pass at ESPN's Suzy Kolber in 2003 extended his reputation.

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    Jim McMahon

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    Kenny Stabler

    While he has a Super Bowl ring, former Raiders, Oilers and Saints quarterback Ken Stabler was best-known for his hell-raising exploits as the leader of the infamous rule-breaking Raiders' teams of the 1970s. According to his former coach John Madden: "Kenny liked to hang at the bar, chase girls, and have fun."

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    Kyle Orton

    The Bears, Broncos and now the Chiefs have all given Kyle Orton a chance to be their starting quarterback. Orton has responded by losing his job to Rex Grossman, Tim Tebow and (this space reserved for a future Chief). Perhaps part of the problem is that Orton seems to have had the same offensive coordinator - Jack Daniel's - for much of his career.


    Billy Kilmer

    Former 49ers, Saints and Redskins quarterback Billy Kilmer was named All-Pro twice and led Washington to its first Super Bowl appearance. However, he was a Hall of Fame-level drinker whose nickname was "Whiskey Red." Kilmer once wound up in an Arlington, Va. jail after arguing with a waitress who wasn't able to change the $100 bill he was using to cover a $4 tab.

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    Mark Sanchez

    If you were the handsome, young quarterback of the New York Jets, would you study your playbook and learn NFL defenses, or see how many babes like it when you get "under center?" Mark Sanchez has 55 interceptions and 12 fumbles in 47 games, and a cell phone teeming with models' phone numbers.


    Bobby Layne

    NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby Layne was best known for his exploits with the Detroit Lions. And he was a great quarterback for them, too. As the Detroit Free Press wrote: "He was a late-night carouser who loved Cutty Sark whiskey, cards, gambling, jazz, a roomful of drinking buddies singing "Ida Red," picking up the tab and leaving a big tip…"

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    Sonny Jurgensen

    When the legendary Vince Lombardi was named head coach of the Washington Redskins in 1969, a reporter asked him about Sonny Jurgensen's love for "Scotch and broads." This was after the future Hall-of-Famer had already been to four Pro Bowls.

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    Matt Leinart

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    Ryan Mallett

    Former University of Arkansas star Ryan Mallett is two injuries away from playing for the New England Patriots, but he has yet to throw a pass this season. Until he does, he'll be best known for what he's passed around off the field. Don't Bogart those tight ends, Brady!