Go to enough bars, see enough sporting events or star in enough reality TV shows and this much is certain: fights will happen. When they do, you better have some street fight tips committed to memory so you can handle yourself, lest you wind up like Chris Tucker in the restaurant scene of 'Rush Hour.'

Whether it's in an octagon, a bar or a parking lot, the guys at FightTips.com know how to fight. FightTips.com aggregates all types of fight videos and fight advice, while their YouTube channel provides instructional videos. They recently posted an instructional of street fight tips that may prove helpful in keeping you from getting your ass kicked. Watch their advice in the video below:

Of course, we don't condone, advocate or encourage fighting as a means to resolve anything (other than, well, the winner of an MMA match, duh), but there are times when you must step up and defend yourself. Following these 10 street fight tips from the guys at FightTips isn't guaranteed to turn you into an instant member of the Gracie family, but you will be better prepared to take on someone who refuses to chill out.

[Via FightTips]

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