One night stands are awesome, but they can get a little complicated if you're not careful. Here are 10 things this female writer thinks you should avoid, that can really screw up a perfectly awesome romp with a stranger.

  • 1

    Starting Too Late and Too Drunk


    Sure, alcohol definitely lubricates the situation and can help you be brave, but too much booze and you'll not only enjoy yourself less, you might not even remember what happened. A little sobriety goes a long way when it comes to making good decisions. Even when it's just sex, it should still be awesome.

  • 2

    Forgoing Protection


    You met her at a bar and chatted about your shared love of seasons 1-7 of 'The Simpsons,' and then decided to get naked together. For all you know, your chosen sexual accomplice does this every night. Wrap it up.

  • 3

    Having One With a Close Friend


    Sex is the quickest way to ruin a friendship, so tread lightly. Seeing someone naked is like '2 Girls, 1 Cup;' you can never go back to a time before you saw it.

  • 4

    Running Your Mouth Afterwards


    If you do hook up with someone in your circle of friends, think of it as a special little secret you two will now share for the rest of your natural lives. One thing is for sure: If you gossip to your buddies, it will never, ever happen again.

  • 5



    Calm down, dude! There's nothing wrong with casual sex, and women like it too. If you tear up in bed, after we tear it up in the bedroom, we're probably going to think you had a terrible time. If you've got lots of emotions up in there, please save the tears for your alone time, Dawson. We're begging you.

  • 6

    Asking For Her Number When You Don't Plan on Calling


    No need for this one, promise. Odds are, she doesn't want to get awkward dinner with you either. Let's call a spade a spade, and get to walk-of-shaming home.

  • 7

    Trying to "Make Love"


    We've all had those experiences, where we meet someone and immediately feel close to them. They're rare though, and that's why they're so great. No need to fake it, we still wanna make it. Plus, faking "love sex" is a great way to get a stage 4 clinger, and no one wants one of those.

  • 8

    Getting Yours, and Not Giving Us Ours


    This is just rude, period. If you're having sex for your own pleasure only, please just go home to your Fleshlight. Women love orgasms, too.

  • 9

    Not Communicating


    Even though this is a one night thing, we're still down to make it the best it can be. Tell us what you like, and ask us what works for us.

  • 10

    Chickening Out


    The worst way to screw up a one night stand is to never have one; before you can really appreciate having sex with someone you love -- and maybe even like, marrying them and never having sex with anyone else ever again --everyone needs to order "a la carte" at least once. What are you doing tonight? Get on it.

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