In America, we're talking about a wall. In Germany, they're all about a fence.

A high school in Berlin has erected a nearly six-foot tall fence designed to keep those women in the world's oldest profession from coming on its campus. It runs about 400 feet long, too.

Six feet tall, 400 feet long? It sounds like the beginning of an algebra question that these women can't solve because they left school after getting seduced into a life of sex for sale peddled to them by Klaus the pimp.

According to USA Today, the school has been a hotbed for men looking to pay women to get into bed:

Prostitutes can be seen soliciting clients at all hours of the day there. A build-up of discarded condoms and syringes, as well as excrement, were evidence that the school grounds were being used in unsavory ways."

The city coughed up $67,000 to build the fence in the hopes of keeping the X-rated activity away because people had had it with a red light district meeting a school district.

"There were always complaints about unscrupulous characters including prostitutes walking shamelessly and illegally into school grounds even during the day," one school official said, while one town official added, "The women have no stations to wash themselves or to get themselves ready. And they relieve themselves wherever they please."

When you hear that, you realize that maybe in addition to a fence the town may want to invest in some soap and sponges, too.

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